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Nina Klein
Founder/ CEO




What is your definition of beauty?


What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Most of the time, I see a person full of zest for life.

Your three most important tools?

Mobile, laptop, mascara.

What is your definition of success?

Being able to earn money doing what you’re good at and really like. Or the moment everything just falls into place just like you had planned in the beginning – when it was still an idea.

What are you currently struggling with?

With the cold in Berlin and with the fact that this year, I won’t be opening a pop-up office in the sun for my agency in February like the past five years but during autumn instead.

What should everyone have done in his or her life at least once?

Paragliding from Lion’s Head in Cape Town.

What is your favourite place in Berlin (besides your home)?

My secret little garden – right around the corner from my place. No one is ever there at the weekends

If we visited you at home, what would you cook for us?

Käsespätzle (cheese spaetzle) – or quinoa with spinach, peas and Shitake mushrooms.

What would you do if you were afraid of absolutely nothing at all?

Already live in the sun by the sea.

If you could change the world, where would you start?

Find a solution for the hunger that still exists in the world.

What should no one know about you?

That I know almost every Sex and the City scene by heart.

Which question should we have asked?

Whether I use my new app climbr productivity myself, or when the new Charity Collection by Nadja Auermann for my jewellery label Besafeangel will appear or where am I going to open a pop-up office for my agency this year?

Last words:

It’s all a matter of intention.







Uli Bergmann



Describe your personal style in three words.

I can answer that with one word: normcore.


Your ritual at the end of the workday?

Sports to free the mind.


What makes you a good friend?

Reliability and a lot of patience.


What freedoms does your job give you?

Sitting at work in shorts and flip-flops.


Who was your role model as a child?

My grandfather, who was never tired and could bake the best pretzels.


What would tell your 16-year-old self?

“Don’t wear the neon yellow winter jacket in summer.”


What are you saving up for now?

For my move, when the apartment search is hopefully over soon.


When do you sound like your parents when talking?

Not necessarily when talking, but I sneeze like my father.


What do you buy just because the packaging is so nice?

Macarons from Ladurée.


What music helps you work?

Smooth FM Portugal – it reminds me of vacations.


Why we should not fear getting older?

Because your attitude toward things is much more relaxed.


Why does it pay to believe in the good in the world?

Because good always triumphs and optimism wins out over pessimism.


What would you do if you had no fear?

Finally cash in the gift certificate I’ve had for years to the dark restaurant.


What should everyone do at least once in life?

Confront this question yourself and then put it into action.

Lea Teber
Booking & Accounting



If you were to live somewhere where would it be?

I love summer and the sun and have a hard time with the cold,

but I like Berlin too much to want to live someplace else.


Who do you ask for advice?

It depends on what answer I want to hear.


What is the new black?

Black will always be the new black, but right now I love superfoods,

almost everyone likes them and you can never go wrong with them.


What clothing item is unnecessary?

Ugg Boots, Crocs.


What’s your favorite book?

So many books, it’s hard to choose just one.

But the one book I probably always think of in this context since being younger is The Picture of Dorian Gray.


What makes you a good daughter?

That I stop by almost every Sunday.


Your plane is crashing. What’s your final text message?

I knew it, damn it!


Who can save our planet from destruction?

You and me.


What about you makes you realize you’re an adult?

That I quit smoking in December.


What are you least talented at?

Unfortunately singing, but I do it anyway.

What comes after this life?

Hopefully not a life as ant.


Would you buy a one-way ticket to Mars?

No, I don’t think so, once you got there it would probably be really boring.

But I'd like to see the view from the moon.


Close your eyes and think of something nice. What are you thinking about?

An island, beach, palm trees and a cold drink.



Anke Schmitz
Booking & Business Development



When does your work make you happy?

I’m a total service provider and put my heart and soul into things. The best is when I go home in the evening having achieved what I set out to do.


What do you do first thing in the morning?

Nothing happens without a fresh home-brewed coffee and preferably in bed.


What do you spend too much money on?

Currently on our garden to make it more colorful.


What dream will you still fulfill this year?

A beach ride on Rømø.


What did you want to become when you were young?

I had several ideas: first Chancellor, a stewardess or something with horses.

I studied tourism and then worked for a few years as hotel buyer before slipping into this industry and finding my thing in the process.


What shortcoming would you like to change about yourself?

Being in a bad mood when I'm hungry.


What’s your favorite book?

The Empty Mirror by Janwillem van de Wetering.


What do you do with total passion?

I put my heart and soul into my job, which I really enjoy. To balance things out I ride a lot, Icelandic horses are also a passion of mine.


What was your favorite thing as a teenager?

I grew up near the border and always went to Holland to shop. You could always discover the latest trends there and find the best hair gel – a huge tub of it, which didn’t exist on the German side and something I couldn’t live without. And then I had Adidas Allround high-tops, which I really loved.


What are you working towards?

Continued success and fulfillment and also to harvest my first potatoes this year.



Peggy Herzog




What is your most important character trait in relation to your job?



What is the most beautiful thing that happened to you today?

A Facetime call with my grandnephew, who’s just two years old. I’m supposed to get him his ball.


Which three things belong in every refrigerator?

Salted butter, ice cubes, and baked cheese


What’s second on your wish list?

Right now a cat


What’s the song currently on repeat in your head?

Don’t Let It Pass by Junip


What are you stingy with?



Who or what made you who you are?

My parents and a few others I’ve crossed paths with.


A clothing item you wouldn’t give away for all the money in the world?

My thin black leather jacket by Gipsy.


When was the last time you had a really good laugh?

On New Year’s Eve 2017 with my sister and brother-in-law. They didn’t know what a boomerang is.


When would you like to be able to say “no” better?

When people ask for a favor because they’re lazy.


You’re visiting friends who are in town for the first and last time. What would you do?

It would be summer of course. We’d go to a beer garden and eat Krustenbraten. Then in the evening head to the Isar with a sixpack of beer and talk about God and the world.


What do you drink throughout the work day?

Coffee & smoothies


Your culinary rediscovery of recent months?

A tasty raita with Naan and home-style food has found its way into my fridge again.


Once and never again?

Riding Breakdance at the fair




Tabea Hönicke
New Talent Development
Social Media Collaborations



Who do you look up to?
I look up to people who have a vision and implement it. Having a goal is half the battle, but giving your all for it is a quality I admire.

How do you measure success?
My success is measured by the feeling I have when getting up in the morning or going to bed in the evening. When I am satisfied with myself, then for me that’s success.

What opportunity did you miss out on?
Moving to Berlin. Being in Berlin makes me feel so good I sometimes think it’s too bad that I didn’t study here.

What are you most grateful for?
Everything I’m grateful for begins with my mother. Without her I wouldn’t have the courage, the self-confidence or ultimately the great opportunities I’m presented with every day.

When thinking about home what comes to mind?
When it comes to home I usually think about where I grew up. But I feel at home pretty quickly in almost every city (in smaller towns I usually feel out of place).

What moment changed everything for you?
When I realized what I wanted – and that I was ready to do anything to achieve it.

Do you believe in fate?
What’s fate? I think there’s meaning behind everything and that we have the chance to change anything through our actions!

When would you like to be able to say “NO” better?
I’m convinced that a YES offers more possibilities than a NO. But being in balance is the most important thing for me.




Rosa Windt
Social Media




What is your absolute best feature?
My imagination.

What does a modern work (time) culture look like in your view?
It seems like the current work culture is in theory becoming more and more flexible and self-determined in terms of how and when you want to work but it’s also becoming a bigger part of your own identity and thus often hard to keep separate from your private life.

Who or what has influenced you?
Being outside.

Which movie always makes you happy?
True Romance
, based on the first screenplay by Quentin Tarantino.

The famous island, Ipod, three songs on it: which ones?
One by Leonard Cohen, one by New Order, that’s already enough for me.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
I haven’t done it yet, but I’d like to learn a new language.

Can you recite a poem?
The Panther
by Rainer Maria Rilke.

What did you spend the first money you earned on?
Probably on fashion or a trip to the ocean.

What about you makes you realize you’re grown up?
I feel more relaxed and happier a lot more?!

What would you do without internet?
At first I’d probably be happy about having more time, but at some point I’d miss the possibilities of communicating, exchange, inspiration and knowledge!

What are you working on?
On a garden.

Your networking tip?
Don’t dance at every wedding but invest in a long-term, trusting, and productive relationship.

What’s the most beautiful thing that happened to you today?
I finally found another person to help me keep our apartment clean! Besides that and over and over again: being happy, enjoying in theory unlimited possibilities and freedoms and still being satisfied with what you have.


Christina Engelbrecht
Visual Editor




What freedoms does your job give you?
I get to live in the countryside, work the hours I need, and through the many great fashion shoots I deal with on a daily basis I have the feeling of being involved in urban life from a comfortable vantage point.

What was your favorite clothing item as a teenager?
My first Doc Martens.

What activity (not your current job) are you so good at that someone would pay you for it?
Going for a walk or a hike.

Can you get a sense of someone from their hairstyle?
You shouldn’t go there, but maybe you can get a sense of the hairstylist??

When do you hear yourself speaking in your parents’ voice?
When I say to my dog: “My Miss.”

Your personal shopping mecca?
French flea markets are the best.

A clothing item you wouldn’t give away for all the money in the world?
I still have a The Cure t-shirt from the eighties I hang on to, but for 1.2 million I would probably give that up and buy the villa in the neighboring village.

Which book, film or record should everyone have read, seen or heard
Oh, I could come up with a whole list for that.Book: Tales from Moominvalley or maybe something by Sybille Berg? Film: Harold and Maude, record: right now I’m listening to: The International Nothing or the new one from Beck.

Who or what really impressed you recently?
A documentary about Peter Handke and an interview with Flake on Deutschlandfunk.

When do you feel in balance?
Most of the time I’m pretty balanced, but when my apartment is cleaned up I have the feeling of having done everything right.

A good deed anyone can do before the year is over?
Don’t just pass by all the homeless people but give them a few euros and talk to them a bit. If that’s too close, please donate a nice amount to a winter emergency program.


Claudia Bußjaeger
Production / Art Buying




Claudia Bußjaeger is a creative producer and art buyer based in Berlin.She organizes and produces fashion-, advertising and commercials productions and digital content all over the world.
Claudia did castings for several advertising commercials and shots, as well as for zalando and mytheresa in fashion.
She worked as an art buyer for agencies like mccann and saatchi & saatchi. Organized and accompanied a creative agency pitch.
Claudia is a member of the ADC since 2015. No matter where in the world, whether as art-buyer, agency producer, creative producer or consultant claudia always finds a solution and takes care of the perfect process.




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